Here's What's Happening:

May 5– Dina Brewster led a tour around her famous farm, The Hickories, in Ridgefield, CT.  Tour-goers got a firsthand look at the organic, carbon saving efforts employed on the farm and were able to enjoy local wine and cheese in Dina’s beautiful farm store courtesy of Fairfield County Farm Bureau members, Nate and Lori Dougall and Jamie Jones. 

Carol Sepe, Gail Bunovsky & Alyce Block in The Hickories farm store.

Carol Sepe, Gail Bunovsky & Alyce Block in The Hickories farm store.

Following the tour, NOFA’s Jeff Cordulack gave an interesting presentation on soil and how proper techniques can actually trap carbon in the ground, removing it from the atmosphere where it contributes to global warming.  Bonus benefit: treating your soil well increases the nutrition of your food.  Apples, for example, 100 years ago were significantly more nutritious than they are today. 

This event marked the beginning of a cooperative relationship between the Farm Bureau and NOFA which will bring many benefits to members. 

Dina discussing how she uses leaf compost as fertilizer on her farm.

Dina discussing how she uses leaf compost as fertilizer on her farm.


The Farm Bureau's Women's Leadership Committee has been very busy! 17 barn bookcases have been presented statewide and there are two more to go. Fairfield County bookshelves were presented to four elementary schools in Bridgeport - Beardsley, Multicutural/High Horizons, Park City and Classical Studies.  The books read were: Diary of a Farmer, Clarabelle, The Beeman and Seed Soil Sun.  Butter was made with 311 students and candles were made with 90 students.  The total student population reached through the libraries in those four school is 2057! 

Statewide, books were presented to 1402 students and a total student population of 7012 were reached through libraries.  The help of four Vo Tech Schools were involved in the bookcase building process.  With the Connecticut Agricultural Education Foundation as a major sponsor, books were donated to the Bridgeport Regional Aquaculture Science and Technology Education Center ( Fairfield County) to fill the bookcase that they constructed independent of the WLC project.  The Aqua Center will present this bookcase to a school near them.  There are 12 more bookshelves being built at Ellis Tech.  

Read Across Connecticut - In cooperation with the Connecticut Agricultural Education Foundation, Read Across Connecticut delivered 150 books to volunteer readers and 91 of those readers also volunteered to help classes plant indoor container salad gardens that should be ready to eat by mid-May.  Assuming an average of 20 children to a classroom we expect to reach about 3000 students.  Feedback has been unanimously positive, from both teachers and volunteers.  

Alyce Block and Carol Sepe presented Seed Soil Sun to four second grate classes at Fawn Hollow Elementary School in Monroe:

Gail Bunovsky and Carol Sepe also presented to St. Jude School in Monroe:

Ag in the Classroom - Through Ag in the Classroom, a presentation will be made to 200 children and their parents at Pope Park in Hartford on Saturday, April 9.  The program is through the Hartford Little Sprouts and the Recreation Department.  There will be a mobile Farmer's Market. Martha Johnson and Debbi Tanner will discuss farming and make butter with attendees of the Healthy Food and Fun Event. 

Ronald McDonald House Visit - On April 1, Ronald McDonald House in New Haven received a check for $300, around 110 lbs of soda tabs and a case of personal toiletries.  The WLC Chair and members from New London County and Fairfield County (with spouses) also delivered ingredients for ice cream sundaes for resident families to enjoy on their own schedule.