About the Fairfield County Farm Bureau Incorporated

Purpose and History

Farm Bureau is a non-governmental, voluntary organization of farm families united to find solutions for concerns facing production agriculture in our counties, state and nation. The County Farm Bureaus, along with Connecticut Farm Bureau Association, provide farmers with a strong clear voice in state and national issues. Volunteer leaders and the CFBA staff work closely with state and federal regulatory agencies and elected officials on issues ranging from economic viability, property rights, taxation, and land use planning, to labor laws and farmland preservation. Farm Bureau is a grass roots organization and provides the opportunity for members to gather at the county level, discuss concerns, and develop ways to address challenges facing the industry. The farmer members make the final decisions regarding the policy direction of the organization on issues affecting their farm businesses. Fairfield County Farm Bureau Incorporated, formed in 1915, was one of the first three county farm bureaus in the country, and preceded the formation of the Connecticut Farm Bureau Association and the American Farm Bureau Federation, which were formed in 1919.


Our mission is to raise awareness of and support agriculture and sustainable community in Fairfield County and the State of Connecticut.

Farmers conserve green space and provide local jobs, locally grown food, and local recreational opportunities, thereby enabling sustainable community. Fairfield County Farm Bureau Incorporated is dedicated to raising the profile of agriculture in Fairfield County through education, market promotion, and legislative advocacy, as well as conserving working farm lands and promoting the well-being of farmers, farm businesses, and the consumers they serve.